Our ambitions

To champion the energy saving potential of our products and solutions and support the net-zero ambitions of the countries in which we operate.

To continue to develop clean air solutions that protect people’s health and increase their comfort in an ethical and responsible way.

Delivered through clear action:

Increase our sustainable product portfolio​

Our products are intrinsically designed to improve air quality and reduce emissions over traditional methods. We engineer them to protect our customers from the impact of pollution on the spaces they inhabit, whilst simultaneously supporting the fight to make these spaces less carbon intensive in their own right.

Increasing demand for our low carbon product ranges including centralised and decentralised heat recovery products and our wireless control platforms will help drive our ambitions. The percentage of our sales from low carbon products continues to grow both through regulatory tailwinds and consumer preference.

Supply chain collaboration

We work with our supply chain to develop long term relationships, which help drive innovations to help improve the sustainability of our products. Sourcing of more sustainable materials, reduced energy use of components and motors and lower energy losses of power suppliers are simple examples.

Our audit processes already include reviews of a supplier’s health and safety credentials, ethical working practices and fair treatment of their workforce and we are working to include a wider sustainability review into our processes.

Inspire sustainable innovation

We are committed to investing in innovation to support breakthroughs in sustainable living and ensuring that emission reduction and air quality are core considerations in our solution design.

We are members of trade associations across our geographies and actively support the introduction of progressive building regulations across the UK, Continental Europe and Australasia to accelerate market adoption on these solutions. We comprehensively engage with our residential and commercial construction customers to identify how we can shape more energy efficient and healthy indoor environments.

Industry partnerships

As active members of trade associations across our Group we influence directional change in the building regulations and improve industry guidance. This activity helps ensure that the regulatory tailwinds created through the international drive to net-zero carbon help support the correct application and use of our technologies.

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