Breathing Buildings was formed in 2006 following the development of the proprietary e-stack mixing ventilation system, as part of a major research programme at Cambridge University and MIT, funded by BP. The technology was filed for patent by the University of Cambridge, and Breathing Buildings has exclusive rights to this IP. Since then, we have changed the world of ventilation. The company is now the UK’s leading provider of controlled hybrid and natural ventilation systems.

Hybrid ventilation is the use of natural ventilation when external weather conditions are favourable, combined with the use of mechanical ventilation at other times.

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Natural Mode 1.jpg

Natural Mode

  • Damper opens
  • Single sided ventilation
  • Works with other openings in the space

Summer Mode.jpg

Summer Mode

  • Damper opens fully
  • Air delivered to rear of the space
  • Natural exhaust through the units
  • Night cooling

Winter Mixing 1.jpg

Winter Mixing

  • Draught mitigation strategy
  • Mixes warm room air with fresh external air
  • Natural exhaust through the unit
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