Our ambitions

To continue to develop an engaging and inclusive workforce where our employees feel valued and can fulfil their potential.

Build relationships with the local community, provide support where needed, and leave a lasting legacy.

Delivered through clear action:​

Champion a zero-harm culture​

We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in health and safety practice. An open culture towards health and safety engages our employees and helps maintain our excellent safety record. Each business invests in specialist roles and training to support this process. Each employee and contractor is given information, instruction and the training necessary to enable safe working. Our employees and contractors recognise that it is their legal duty to take reasonable care for their own safety and the safety of others in their work area with working safely being a condition of employment.

All accidents, dangerous incidents and near-miss situations are promptly investigated. The details of such incidents as well as the remedial and preventative measures taken are assessed closely to assist in raising awareness and reducing the risk of repetition. The Board reviews health and safety at every meeting.

During the year a number of health and safety audits were undertaken to ensure local management placed sufficient focus on health and safety. In addition, due to COVID-19 extra precautions were taken to protect staff working within our facilities, including social distancing measures, sanitising stations, office screening, remote working and online meetings reducing the risk of transmission.

Employee engagement​

We have a number of employee communication channels across the business, including an Employee Forum which includes rotating employee representatives from all areas across the Group and allows two-way communication between Volution senior management and the attendees who in turn brief the employees they are representing in each business unit. We also have local internal newsletters which provide a framework for colleagues to participate in two-way communication, giving them a platform from which to help shape and influence decision making within the Group. 

Retain and grow talent – fulfilling our employees potential​

As an organisation we actively encourage employee development as it is important to us that our employees fulfil their potential and that we attract and retain the best people. We aim to continually enhance the quality and quantity of our support available to all colleagues with the objective of continuously increasing capability levels across the business. With COVID-19 restricting movement and expected to continue to do so, in 2021 we will focus our training and development plans at a more localised level than we have historically.

Promote diversity, social inclusion and protect localism​

We believe that better business decisions can be made by having representation from different genders and cultural backgrounds with differing skill sets, experience and knowledge, which reflects our customer base and the wider population in our markets. A key example of this is when we have acquired new companies to the Group and have actively promoted and worked on retaining all employees post completion. We make a huge effort to inspire the employees from these newly acquired organisations often using success stories from previous transactions to engender confidence and trust in our company.


Each company within the Group understands the importance of being a contributing member of society and its impact on the long-term development and sustainability of the business. Each business takes responsibility for managing its relationship with its local community.

Volution, together with many of its employees, supported a range of national and local charities during the year. This year the UK team took part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning in September. Vent-Axia continue to support the Children with Cancer Opera at Syon event, although it was unfortunately eventually cancelled in 2020 but we will support again in 2021.

We also continue to support industry fund raising events for the Electrical Industry Charity who offer a wide range of support services to those who serve and have served within the electrical and energy sector.