We offer an extensive range of high quality products developed to meet the needs of our customers and end-users. We categorise our product ranges into four distinct product portfolios: residential ventilation, commercial ventilation, other products and OEM with includes motors and heat exchangers.

Our residential products encompass a broad range of products designed to suit a variety of budgets and applications, ranging from unitary extractor fans (including for use in bathrooms and kitchens) to significantly higher value ‘whole building’ MVHR systems. In-between, there are variations on unitary extractor fans (including, for example, ‘quiet’, ‘silent’, ‘lo-carbon’ and heat recovery models) and other ‘whole building’ solutions, including MEV systems. In addition, we manufacture rigid, semi-rigid and flexible ducting products and accessories which we supply alongside our residential ventilation products.

The drive to become more energy efficient has made our homes more airtight meaning the problem of poor indoor air quality has become harder to ignore. This strengthens the vital role ventilation products have to play in creating a healthy indoor environment. Without good ventilation, air quality can deteriorate leading to condensation, mould and a build-up of toxic chemicals.

Volution Group is well-placed to capture growth in this market by delivering new and innovative solutions to customers, reducing their energy costs whilst preventing the build-up of airborne pollutants and delivering healthy, comfortable and fresh living spaces. This section shows the many and varied residential ventilation products Volution Group has to offer its customers. Products offered to the commercial ventilation market are not shown here.

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MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) is a centralised, whole dwelling, ventilation system connected by ducting to deliver warmed, fresh and filtered air to the habitable rooms whilst reducing energy use and costs by recovering the heat from the stale extracted air.

2. dMVHR
dMVHR (Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) is a decentralised ventilation system installed through the walls of a dwelling which delivers warmed, fresh and filtered air to the habitable rooms whilst reducing energy use and costs by recovering the heat from the extracted air.

3. MEV
MEV (Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation) is a whole dwelling ventilation system that extracts air continuously, at a low rate. It is a low-energy, continuously running, ventilation system designed with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture-laden air out of all the wet rooms of a dwelling (bathrooms and kitchen) providing a quieter and more energy-efficient system compared to separate intermittent extract fans.

4. PIV
PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) is an energy-efficient method of pushing out and replacing stale, unhealthy air by gently pressurising the home with fresh, filtered air to increase the overall circulation of air in the dwelling.

5. Single room extract fans
Single room extract fans are installed horizontally through the wall or vertically into short duct runs to remove stale and humid air from bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

6. Inline fans
Inline fans are installed in a duct run, typically above the ceiling, and extract air from any space not directly adjacent to an external wall or where higher ventilation rates are required which are not achievable with a traditional single room extract fan.

7. Passive ventilation
Passive ventilation products provide an opening in the building envelope through which air is free to pass in either direction based on the relative internal and external air pressures. These products are used  to provide replacement air for extraction units or exhaust paths for a PIV unit.

8. Thermal destratification
Thermal destratification is the process of mixing the internal air in a building to eliminate hot and cold layers in the air column of a room and achieve temperature equalisation throughout the building.

9. Ducting
Ducting is a critical component in any centralised system as it connects the target rooms to the ventilation unit ensuring that stale air is extracted from the wet rooms and fresh air is delivered to the habitable spaces. Air filters and noise attenuators can optionally be fitted in the ducting system to improve the indoor environment as required.

Our commercial products encompass a variety of extractor fans, as well as mechanical heat recovery units (including both ‘fixed volume’ and ‘demand’ systems, most of which also incorporate high efficiency counter-flow heat recovery cells for energy efficiency), air handling units, fan coils and hybrid ventilation solutions. In addition to these commercial products, we also produce a number of products designed for use in industrial applications. The Ventilation Group also manufactures rigid, semi-rigid and flexible ducting products and accessories which we supply alongside our commercial ventilation products.

Other products encompass a number of non-ventilation products, including heating products (such as underfloor heating, heated towel rails, radiators, and storage and panel heaters), cooling products (such as wall, box and tower fans, and portable air conditioners), hygiene products (such as hand dryers and insect killers), lighting, door chimes and a range of sensors, controllers and ducting which are installed together with many of our residential and commercial ventilation products. Most of the other products are produced by other manufacturers but sold under our own brands, as private label products, or under the brands of the products’ manufacturers.

Torin-Sifan manufactures a range of blowers and motors for the heating and ventilation industry. Its products include direct and belt-drive fans, fan decks, double inlet centrifugal ‘POD’ blowers, motorised impellers and combustion blowers, many of which are available in models driven by standard AC motors or by energy-saving EC/DC motors, all of which are manufactured, and also sold directly to customers around the world.

ERI designs and manufactures a range of innovative and highly efficient air-to-air heat recovery devices for use in industrial, commercial and residential heat recovery ventilation systems.  Products are manufactured in ERI's modern, high quality production facility in Bitola, North Macedonia, and are supplied to heat recovery and air handling unit manufacturers around the world.