Delivering strong growth by maximising the opportunities of the legislative transition as we decarbonise

Regulatory tailwinds

Our products are supported by regulatory tailwinds as we help avoid carbon emissions supported by the Building Regulations and the EU taxonomy.

New Part O introduced in the UK to reduce the risk of overheating on modern, airtight buildings.

Indoor air quality awareness

Increased focus on good indoor air quality (IAQ) and the importance of ventilation for health.

New changes to the EPBD to measure indoor environmental quality, including IAQ.

Unrivalled product range

We service both residential and commercial sectors, in both public and private new build and refurbishment applications in the UK, the Nordics, Central Europe and Australasia, including the manufacture and supply of key technology components required for the decarbonisation of buildings.

Structural undersupply

In many of our markets there is a structural undersupply of new homes along with existing ageing stock in need of refurbishment.

UK continues to fall short of UK Government target of 300,000 homes.


Delivering healthy indoor air whilst minimising our impact on the environment and helping support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Organic revenue growth from a focused sales strategy. Strong track record of acquiring and integrating value-adding businesses into the Group, leveraging our sales channels and our expertise in product development, manufacturing and supply chains.

Fragmented markets

Relatively niche local markets with strong defensibility. In many of our markets we have leading brands, products and sales channel access. Our business model helps develop substantial customer loyalty and barriers to entry.

Strong cash generation and robust financial model

Strong and reliable profitability growth leads to string cash generation and cash conversion.