Delivering healthy indoor air whilst minimising our impact on the environment and helping support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


recycled plastic used in the products that we make

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In many of our markets we have leading brands, products and sales channel access. Our business model helps develop substantial customer loyalty and barriers to entry.


market leading brands in 10 countries

Organic revenue growth from a focused sales strategy. Strong track record of acquiring and integrating value‑adding businesses into the Group, leveraging our sales channels and our expertise in product development, manufacturing and supply chains.


revenue 5-year CAGR

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We service both residential and commercial sectors, in both public and private new build and refurbishment applications in diverse geographies including the UK, Continental Europe and Australasia.


of our revenue is from non-UK customers

Reliable organic growth and successful integration of acquisitions have driven strong and reliable growth in profitability and operating cash flows. 2020 significantly impacted by COVID-19.


adjusted operating profit 5-year CAGR


adjusted operational cash flow 5-year CAGR

Structural growth drivers

COVID-19 has amplified the growing global focus on indoor air quality. There will be increasing demand for ventilation systems which help to provide healthy indoor environments across our markets.

European directives and local building regulations continue to provide new minimums for energy efficiency and performance of ventilation which has a positive impact on the value of ventilation. Volution is strongly positioned to develop customer solutions ahead of the legislation and has a history of being first to market.