Acquisitions broadening our geographic diversity

We are market leaders in residential and commercial ventilation solutions.



Our regional coverage

United Kingdom



% of Volution Group
revenue by region

39.6% UK customers
7.9% Export customers

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Continental Europe



% of Volution Group
revenue by region


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% of Volution Group
revenue by region


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Our businesses

Volution Group plc is a leading supplier of ventilation products with primary markets in the UK, Continental Europe and Australasia. We aim for our products to enhance customers’ experience of ventilation by reducing energy consumption, improving indoor air quality and design and making them easier to use.

Residential ventilation solutions 
The Volution Group’s residential products encompass a broad range of solutions designed to suit a variety of budgets and applications, ranging from unitary extractor fans for use in bathrooms and kitchens to significantly higher value, low-carbon, energy efficient whole building ventilation systems with heat recovery.
Commercial ventilation solutions
The Volution Group’s commercial products encompass a variety of extractor fans, as well as mechanical heat recovery units (including both “fixed volume” and “demand” systems, some of which also incorporate high efficiency counter-flow heat recovery cells for energy efficiency), air handling units, fan coils and hybrid ventilation solutions.
Ventilation components and other products
The Volution Group’s remaining products encompass a number of key components required for ventilation devices including low energy motors and heat recovery cells. These are supplied to a broad range of customers around the world. In addition, we sell some traded products within our channels including heating and cooling products, hygiene products, lighting and door chimes.