We currently offer Vent-Axia products for application in the residential new build, residential repair and maintenance (both private and social housing) and commercial (both new build and refurbishment) segments of the construction market. The majority of Vent-Axia's sales are in the UK, primarily through electrical wholesalers, contractors and developers.
Vent-Axia has a range of premium products incorporating features such as “silent” operation, energy efficiency and aesthetic design to appeal to evolving consumer preferences, and it has established a reputation for innovative ventilation products in response to developing climate control and building regulations. Vent-Axia also offers other products, including hand dryers and electric heaters, manufactured by third parties and branded as Vent-Axia products.
Acquired by Vent-Axia in 1989, Anda is a private label business. Targeting principally trade merchants and electrical wholesalers, Anda has a wide product range, mostly at entry price level with fit-for-purpose specifications. Anda also offers other products, including hand dryers and electric heaters manufactured by third parties. The Directors believe Anda is the leading supplier of private label ventilation products for application in the private residential RMI segment of the UK construction market.

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Vent Axia Product Kinetic.jpg

Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic – High efficiency centralised heat recovery

Vent Axia Product Centra.jpg

Lo-Carbon Centra – High specification silent continuous ventilation

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