Our ambitions

Reduce our environmental impact by improving business efficiencies and minimising our impact on the climate.

Focus on the quality of materials we use to support the creation of a circular economy, and eliminate all forms of waste across our value chain.

Delivered through clear action:​

Responsible operations​

Responsible decision making and smart resource planning are integral to our culture of stakeholder accountability and continuous improvement. We are deeply committed to minimising our impact on the environment by positively challenging and improving our production supply chain with a focus on eliminating waste, minimising emissions and maximising efficiency. As a minimum standard, we comply with current applicable legislation in the countries in which we operate.

In particular, we are concentrated on tackling single-use plastics in our packaging and delivery processes, from investing in recyclable materials to working closely with suppliers to measure and reduce plastic usage.

Another key focus is to identify any potential climate-related risks affecting our business and we are proactively reducing carbon emissions across our business operation. This is all managed through our governance and risk-management process.

Mitigate carbon emissions​

In 2019 our new Reading facility in the UK was fully commissioned. This facility has photovoltaic cells on the roof and a battery management system which reduces our electricity usage. Having closed two older sites in Slough and Reading in the UK and consolidated production into this one new site, moving goods between these two sites has also been eliminated.

We seek to lower the emissions from our motor vehicle fleet. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our vehicles, which can in turn reduce the amount of emissions produced. Last year we launched our new motor fleet programme which includes a choice of hybrid vehicles.

New initiatives encouraging remote working and fewer unnecessary journeys plus use of online meeting platforms will continue to drive down our transport emissions.

Optimise sustainable materials​

We are focusing on increasing the use of recycled plastic and in 2020 56% of the plastic purchased for use in our own manufacturing came from recycled sources which equates to over 200 metric tons of PVC. We will continue to increase our usage and work with 3rd party suppliers of finished goods to improve the sustainability.

Reduce waste production 

We are continuously improving and reducing our waste. Our individual companies have a target to reduce packaging materials by 15% a year. In the UK in 2020 we have completely removed transit single use plastic bags which has led to over 600,000 being diverted from landfill as few recycling facilities exist for them. We have initiatives to reduce cardboard use in our product packaging and transport cartons as well as reducing shrink wrapping around palletised consignments. Not only do these initiatives reduce waste but they also drive down costs consistent with our focus on operational excellence.