The Group was formed in December 2002 through a buy-out from Smiths Group plc of its air movement and cable management divisions. The Group subsequently changed ownership twice, with TowerBrook Capital Partners becoming our Controlling Shareholder in February 2012. Volution Group plc became a listed company with its shares traded on the premium segment of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE: FAN) in June 2014. In October 2016, TowerBrook Capital Partners sold its outstanding shareholding by way of a Placing on the London Stock Exchange and no longer holds shares in Volution Group plc. 

Since our formation, we have executed a strategy of rationalisation by disposing of our non-core operations (including Airstream Products Limited in May 2003 and our cable management division in January 2007) and have also expanded our core ventilation operations both within the UK and internationally. This includes acquiring:


  1. June 2007

    Manrose (UK)

    Acquired UK-based Manrose

  2. October 2012

    Fresh AB (SE)

    Acquired Sweden-based Fresh AB 

  3. August 2013

    PAX (SE)

    Acquired Sweden-based PAX 

  4. April 2014

    inVENTer (DE)

    Acquired Germany-based inVENTer

  5. April 2015

    Brüggemann Energiekonzepte (DE)

    Acquired Germany-based Brüggemann Energiekonzepte 

  6. August 2015

    Ventilair Group

    Providing new sales channels in Belgium, the Netherlands and France

  7. December 2015

    Welair (SE)

    Acquired Sweden-based Welair

  8. December 2015

    Diffusion Group (UK)

    Acquired UK-based Diffusion Group

  9. May 2016

    National Ventilation and Airtech Environmental (UK)

    Acquired UK-based National Ventilation and Airtech Environmental 

  10. December 2016

    Breathing Buildings (UK)

    Acquired UK-based Breathing Buildings 

  11. May 2017

    VoltAir System AB (SE)

    Acquired Sweden-based VoltAir System AB 

  12. March 2018

    Simx Limited (NZ)

    Acquired New Zealand-based Simx Limited

  13. June 2018

    AirFan B.V. (NL)

    Acquired Netherlands-based AirFan B.V.

  14. July 2018

    Oy Pamon Ab (FI)

    Acquired Finland-based Oy Pamon Ab 

  15. July 2018

    Air Connection (DK)

    Acquired Denmark-based Air Connection

  16. March 2019

    Ventair (AU)

    Acquired Australia-based Ventair

  17. April 2020

    Nordic Line (DK)

    Acquired Denmark-based Nordic Line

  18. December 2020

    ClimaRad (NL)

    Acquired Netherlands-based ClimaRad

  19. February 2021

    Nordiska Klimatfabriken (SE)

    Acquired Sweden-based Nordiska Klimatfabriken

  20. May 2021

    R-tek (FI)

    Acquired Finland-based R-tek

  21. August 2021

    ERI (IT)

    Acquired Italy-based ERI

  22. April 2023

    VMI (FR)

    Acquired France-based VMI

  23. JUNE 2023

    i-Vent (SI)

    Acquired Slovenia-based i-Vent

  24. AUGUST 2023

    DVS (NZ)

    Acquired New-Zealand-based DVS

We have also invested significantly both in improving our existing product offering and in developing new products. For example, the Ventilation Group first launched its heat recovery products in 1990. In 2008 the Group then launched a full “Lo-Carbon” range including upgraded and more efficient MEV and MVHR systems. In 2009, the Lo-Carbon range was extended to include decentralised MEV for the first time and the “Kinetic” range of high-efficiency MVHR units. The “Quiet” and “Silent” ranges followed in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Torin-Sifan launched its energy-saving EC/DC motors in 2004 and updated with integrated electronics in 2010. All such products have been upgraded several times since launch, and in 2015 we launched the world first app-controlled bathroom fan in Sweden.

In recent years, the Ventilation Group UK has also engaged in a successful “re-shoring” of the assembly of its products. Historically, a portion of the Ventilation Group UK products were assembled by third parties in China. Now, however, we assemble all our branded residential ventilation products at our production facilities.