Our Sustainable Growth Model

A healthy net-zero carbon future
The elements of our sustainable growth model work together to deliver our unique value proposition. Combined, they deliver high returns and long-term value for stakeholders whilst ensuring we continue to deliver on our environmental and social objectives.


Our sustainability pillars


Engineer sustainable solutions

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Improve environmental

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Connect people together

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Our strategy
We aim to achieve our goals through a combination of three strategic objectives: 

 Organic growth

 Value-adding acquisitions

 Operational excellence 

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Our business model
We are committed to building  on the strength of our successful business model; we continue to develop these diļ¬€erentiators that are central to making us a successful organisation.

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Our values
Our values form the basis for our behaviour and our culture. These values guide the way that we work, communicate and deal with each other and with stakeholders, and form an important part of our success.

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Underpinned by our investment case

We aim to continue to deliver value for our investors with reliable, strong and consistent development in financial results whilst minimising our impact on the environment and helping deliver the net zero carbon goals of the geographies in which we operate.

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