Acquisition of VoltAir System

The acquisition of VoltAir System strengthens our product solutions by offering unique air handling unit design to deliver high efficiencies.

High heat recovery efficiency, flexible configuration and low power consumption lead to the lowest life cycle cost on the market.

VoltAir System was formed in 2006 with the purpose of developing an efficient and cost effective heat recovery system that could be flexible in configuration and was a superior alternative to the rotary wheel solution which was then preferred in the cold, dry climate of the Nordic region. The VoltAir System solution incorporates a patented cross-flow heat exchanger specifically designed with high thermal efficiency, and to eliminate cross-contamination of airflows. The VoltAir System is designed to be inherently resistant to frosting and can therefore compete with rotary wheel systems in this regard in the extreme cold of a Nordic winter.

What does this mean for customers?

The specific characteristics of the VoltAir System heat exchanger mean that dirt and ice adhere poorly to the heat exchanger’s surface, which contributes to the product’s high resistance to freezing. The design, with low air velocities, laminar flow and a large heat exchange surface, means the product provides high efficiencies of up to 90% without the need for defrosting. This makes them highly suitable for colder climates without the issues associated with rotary heat exchangers and provides VoltAir System with a unique and marketable benefit. In addition, VoltAir System is capable of designing highly flexible configurations for its modular systems. This means that installation in difficult to access locations in a building or the use of lower value, sub-optimal shaped rooms for the ventilation equipment become possible. This can be attractive in building consultants’ calculations of whole life costs for VoltAir System products.

"VoltAir System has market-leading flexible products which have low environmental impact and provide good, healthy indoor climates. We are delighted to have VoltAir System as part of the Volution Group, which is highly complementary to our strong position in the Nordic residential refurbishment ventilation products market and further develops our commercial proposition."

Ronnie George
Chief Executive Officer