Acquisition of Simx

The acquisition of Simx provides Volution Group with its first trading organisation outside of Europe, and a platform for further growth into the Australasian market. It is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with an additional distribution centre in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Simx was established in 1983 and has developed into the leading residential ventilation product provider to both trade and retail in the New Zealand market. In addition to residential ventilation, Simx also provides commercial ventilation and lighting solutions. It has been distributing Volution Group products for over 20 years and a significant part of Simx’s revenue is derived from fans sold under the Group’s Manrose brand. In addition, it also sells products under several of its own brands including SmartVent for whole house ventilation, HeatTrans for heat transfer systems, Alaskon for commercial ventilation and Simx for security lighting.

Lee Nurse, who has been with Volution for nine years and has a good understanding of the Group and its products, having been Group Product & Marketing Director, is currently in New Zealand assisting with the integration of Simx into the Group.

Working with the local teams we have already identified several initiatives where the Group can provide new and value-adding products to enhance the New Zealand product portfolio. In line with the Group’s marketing model, we have started to introduce ranges of higher value extract fans. The first to be launched will be the Calima platform, already sold across Europe under our Pax, Vent-Axia and inVENTer brands. This platform will be launched by Simx in New Zealand under the Manrose brand. This launch will also introduce the Group’s app platform to New Zealand enabling further product developments in the future.

At the same time as launching new Group products, Simx has recently launched its new whole house, positive input ventilation system, SmartVent Evolve 2. This unique system monitors temperature and humidity optimising the use of fresh filtered air from outside, or in the roof space, to ventilate the home. This system forms the basis of a new product range, with further enhancements for indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors under development.

Extensions of the Simx heating range are also planned utilising the Group’s experience and supply chains.

"The acquisition of Simx was consistent with our stated strategy of making selective value-enhancing acquisitions in new markets where a business has a leading market position. We are excited about further developing Simx, in particular by introducing more energy‑efficient and more aesthetically pleasing products to its portfolio, and we believe the acquisition will deliver an attractive return for our shareholders."

Ronnie George
Chief Executive Officer