Volution Acquires German Ventilation Manufacturer inVENTer


London, UK, 17th April 2014 – Volution Holdings Limited announced today it has acquired the assets and business of Öko-Haustechnik inVENTer GmbH (inVENTer), a leading manufacturer of decentralised residential heat recovery ventilation products in Germany. Based in Löberschütz, Thuringia, Germany, inVENTer has a significant share of the decentralised residential heat recovery ventilation market in Germany, with its products installed in both new and existing residential buildings and also sells its products across Europe.

With the purchase of inVENTer, Volution has secured the continued involvement in the company of inVENTer’s key senior management, to ensure business continuity and ongoing product innovation.

Volution’s latest investment in inVENTer marks the third acquisition for the UK-based ventilation group in the last two years and further strengthens its European position. The company already has a foothold in Sweden through its two recent acquisitions of Swedish ventilation companies: Fresh and PAX. The purchase of inVENTer complements these existing brands and further extends Volution’s geographic coverage across continental Europe.

Established in 1999 by engineer and CEO Peter Moser, inVENTer has focused its product development on its energy efficient decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems. These systems were developed by their founder in a bid to design an innovative heat recovery solution. The resulting development is both simple and effective, utilising ceramic cubes resulting in innovative, silent and energy-efficient ventilation. 

In a bid to lower carbon emissions, EU building legislation is being tightened to encourage energy efficiency, which is expected to benefit the European ventilation sector as demand increases for energy efficient products. Both Volution and inVENTer are innovators in energy saving low carbon products and systems. The addition of inVENTer to the Volution brands further enhances Volution’s energy efficiency credentials and, in conjunction with the recent Swedish acquisitions, creates a platform for future expansion within the highly fragmented European residential ventilation sector.

“We are very excited to be joining Volution. We believe there are significant synergies between Volution and inVENTer with innovation core to both companies. This synergy will enable us to develop and deliver distinctive energy efficient ventilation solutions across Continental Europe.” says CEO of inVENTer Peter Moser.

"We are delighted to announce the acquisition of inVENTer, the purchase of the company adds another brand to complement our existing ventilation portfolio. Volution has ambitions to be a major player in the European ventilation market. inVENTer thus marks the next stage of our strategic growth and complements our recent Swedish acquisitions. With this in mind, I am also very pleased to advise that both Peter Moser and Annett Wettig as Managing Director, are to remain at inVENTer where their continued innovation and vision will benefit both inVENTer and the Volution portfolio as a whole.” says Ronnie George, CEO of Volution.

Notes for Editors

  • Volution Holdings is a leading ventilation and motorised impeller manufacturer operating primarily in Northern Europe.
  • inVENTer is headquartered in Löberschütz, Thuringia, near Jena, Germany and is a leading manufacturer of decentralized ventilation systems with heat recovery for use in residential buildings. It has 82 employees. Sustainability and environmental consciousness are core to the ethos of the company, with inVENTer’s production facility in Löberschütz designed as a passive building with straw thermal insulation; one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The inVENTer office buildings are heated with environmentally-friendly heat pumps and are equipped with an inVENTer ventilation system with heat recovery.
  • inVENTer’s innovative decentralised heat recovery ventilation technology provides up to 91% heat recovery. This highly efficient system consists of a pair of reversible ventilators which operate in both extract and supply mode. When extracting air the ventilators recover heat from the exhaust air and store it in a ceramic heat exchanger. When operating in supply mode the ventilators reintroduce the heat from the heat exchanger back into the home. inVENTer’s decentralised ventilation systems are operated in an intuitive way via the inVENTer controllers which allow automatic close control of ventilation levels, which can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

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