Volution Acquires Brüggemann Energiekonzepte GmbH


Extending our sales network in Northern Germany

Volution Group plc (“Volution” or “the Group” or “the Company”, LSE: FAN), a leading supplier of ventilation products to the residential construction market, today announces that it has completed the transaction to acquire 100% of the shares in Brüggemann Energiekonzepte GmbH (“Brüggemann”), a leading supplier of decentralised heat recovery ventilation in the Northern area of Germany.

Brüggemann has an extensive list of and long term relationships with, installers and end user customers in the Hamburg and surrounding area of Germany. The acquisition of Brüggemann is expected to grow Group revenues by approximately €2 million p.a.

Commenting on this acquisition, Ronnie George, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We are delighted to have completed the transaction to acquire Brüggemann. This addition to our ventilation operations will significantly extend our coverage in the Northern area of Germany around Hamburg. Decentralised heat recovery ventilation is an attractive market in Germany and we are pleased to bring this extra experience and knowledge into the Group to assist us with our plans for growth.”



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Note to Editors

Volution Group plc (LSE: FAN) is a leading supplier of ventilation products to the residential construction market in the UK, Sweden and Germany.
The Group sold approximately 11 million ventilation products and accessories in the six months ended 31 January 2015. It consists of five key brands, focused primarily on the UK, Swedish and German ventilation markets - Vent-Axia, Manrose, Fresh, PAX and inVENTer - and operates through two divisions: the Ventilation Group, which principally supplies ventilation products for residential construction applications in the UK, Sweden and Germany and ventilation products for commercial construction applications in the UK; and OEM (Torin-Sifan), which supplies motors, fans and blowers to OEMs of heating and ventilation products for both residential and commercial construction applications in Europe.

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