DiBt Certification for the Sentinel Kinetic Range


Volution is pleased to announce that they have successfully obtained Deutsches Institue für Bautechnik (DIBt) certification for the Sentinel Kinetic range of heat recovery unit. 

DIBt grant technical approvals as a verification of “applicability” of construction products. This new certification ensures that the Sentinel Kinetic Plus can be sold and is recognised to be compliant with the building laws of Germany. DIBt certification also allows customers to take advantage of Federal and State subsidies for environmentally friendly building projects.

Product innovations carried out to achieve the certification have placed the Sentinel Kinetic range at the forefront of European performance standards, enhancing sales across the region and strengthening specification sales in the UK.

This latest certification will enable Volution to increase its access to the market in Germany, which will build on the existing distribution of the Sentinel Kinetic range throughout Europe. Several of Germany’s neighbour states also recognise DIBt as a de facto accreditation, enhancing our status in these emerging markets. With existing sales in UK, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Switzerland and Austria, it’s an exciting time for Volution Holdings.