Acquisition of Weland Luftbehandling AB


I am delighted to advise that Volution Group plc has completed the acquisition of Weland Luftbehandling AB (shortly to be renamed Welair AB), a producer of rotary wheel heat recovery equipment, based in Sweden.

This acquisition will provide the Group with an extended range of heat recovery products which will be mainly utilised by the Nordic team headed by Eva Thunholm.


Brunswick (Financial Public Relations Adviser to Volution Group plc) 
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Note to Editors
Volution Group plc (LSE: FAN) operates through two divisions.  One division, the Ventilation Group, principally supplies ventilation products for residential and commercial construction markets in the UK and northern Europe.  The Ventilation Group also supplies other products such as hand-driers and electric heaters.  The other division, Torin-Sifan, supplies motors, fans and blowers to OEMs of heating and ventilation products for both residential and commercial construction applications in Europe. 

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