Our innovation positions us to meet new challenges

Volution’s market leading positions in the UK, Continental Europe and Australasia mean that these global trends and regulatory tailwinds present a huge growth opportunity for the future of our business.
However, it is our culture of innovation, sustainability, operational excellence, collaboration and problem solving that truly empowers us to capitalise on this opportunity.
This year, we have continued to make strong progress in product design and development, operational excellence and workforce development, despite the considerable market headwinds and logistical challenges raised by the COVID-19 crisis.

As our Group grows, the opportunities that our increased scale and sales channels provide continue to enable us to invest in innovation.
Our sales and marketing teams are encouraged to work together across our businesses to optimise our investments in new product ideas. During 2020 we rolled out our Liberty extract fan platform which now trades in all our regions and launched our zonal wireless control platform.
During 2021 we will extend this further to more product categories and additional markets.

Our decentralised and empowered management model ensures that we continue to have local focus within our regions. Localism enables us to play active roles within our trade associations ensuring that we help form the response from our industry at a national level. This intimate local understanding ensures that legislation encapsulates the valuable role ventilation plays in delivering low-carbon buildings within the national frameworks.

We continue to invest in new products, but in 2020 we have also focused on targeted innovation of our existing product portfolio. We have challenged our operations and supply chain teams with developing new, innovative ways to build, package and distribute our products in a more sustainable way, with focus on reducing virgin plastic in our products, optimising logistics and minimising waste within the whole supply chain.