The regulatory response is driving growth opportunities

Governments across the UK, Continental Europe and Australasia are under increasing pressure to introduce policies aimed at tackling the climate crisis and protecting the health and wellbeing of their citizens. In particular, their legislative commitments to cutting emissions and achieving net zero carbon targets are filtering through to new building, construction, energy efficiency and motor regulations in our key markets.

The regulatory tailwinds should significantly increase demand for our sustainable and innovative ventilation solutions, while our leadership position in the UK, Continental Europe and Australasia means that we are well positioned to seize this opportunity.

Ambitious energy targets

The UK Government is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. To help achieve this target, it is introducing:

  • Future Homes Standard: The National House Building Council (NHBC) concludes that to meet the Future Homes Standard MVHR is likely to be needed in most if not all dwellings.
  • New motor provisions: 2021 eco-design requirements for 120W motors.
  • Industry standards: Rapidly evolving standards for healthy homes.


reduction in home emissions targeted by the Future Homes Standard

National and EU-wide change

The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive continues to improve insulation and airtightness in buildings across Europe. Most national regulators in our EU markets are supporting this with additional standards and legislation, focused heavily on energy efficiency, eco-design and office ventilation.


reduction in home emissions targeted by the German Government by 2030

New minimum standards

The Government of New Zealand has recently introduced tightened regulations for the construction and rental sectors, focusing in particular on insulation, heating, ventilation, moisture ingress and stopping draughts. Every rental property must have mechanical ventilation installed. New Zealand landlords must ensure they comply with the Healthy Homes Standards roll-out starting in

July 2021

for New Zealand landlords to start to comply with the Healthy Homes Standards